Lenovo unveils first ever folding laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

With the arrival of foldable screens in our smartphones, it was expected that the technology arrives on laptops. And it is Lenovo who draws the first.

During its Accelerate conference, the manufacturer Lenovo has unveiled a PC of a completely new kind. Its new ThinkPad X1 has an 13,3 inch display that can be folded in half. Presentation of the first folding laptop.

Lenovo unveils laptop with foldable display

To give weight to his presentation, Lenovo had with him a prototype of this new model ThinkPad X1 range. Regarding its specifications, we know little that the screen is an 2 13,3K 4 OLED slab, able to fold in half, reducing its width by half during transport. This touchscreen in 3: XNUMX format was designed with the help of LG.

For the rest, we just know that the computer has an Intel processor and runs on Windows. The prototype unveiled during the conference had a Wacom stylus and was recharged via a USB-C port.

This new model from ThinkPad X1 is one of a kind

Lenovo has designed and designed this foldable ThinkPad X1 to replace a laptop. It belongs to this segment and not to that of tablets. Still, the absence of physical keyboard will certainly be a handicap for those who enter a lot of text.

Regarding the price and date of availability of this UFO among laptops, we just know that it will be marketed in the course of next year at a rate still unknown.

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