PHOTOS. Laetitia Milot: her cute pictures with her baby

Laeticia Milot celebrates motherhood. The actress has published a long message to celebrate the 1 year of his granddaughter, Lyana, born on 14 May 2018. Because the star of More beautiful life has long dreamed of becoming a mother, but failed, because of endometriosis. Today she shares with a overflowing love pictures of Lyana. On Instagram, Laeticia Milot share the first steps of his little one, including their first trip to Disneyland Paris with his family, with her husband Badri Menaia.

Tuesday 14 may, Laeticia Milot celebrated Lyana's birthday shouting loudly his love. "After a long fight you pointed the tip of your nose 14 May 2018 to 17h50. Already 1 year! You marvel our life, thanks to you we know what happiness is. You are our ray of sunshine, our baby of love, our baby miracle, we will always be there for you we love you very much, thank you life. Happy birthday Lyana. "

A battle she told in her documentary Becoming a mother: our fight against endometriosis, broadcast on TF1. When she viewed the images, Laeticia Milot was deeply moved. "It makes me want to fight even more. And you imagine that when we put ourselves in the place of these women who are suffering in silence and can not move from home, who may be disabled because of this shitty disease (...) It's hard for these couples. "

Slideshow directed by Sandric Vasseur

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