Guy KALOU wins Best Actor Award at Monaco Charity Film Festival -

Little by little, the great work he is doing in the shadows, produces his fruits.

Indeed, Guy KALOU has just won the Best Actor Award at the 14th edition of the Charity Film Festival of Monaco. And that, thanks to his film Kamissa, which is his first cinematic realization.

Kamissa is a story from one of the novels of his wife Victoire KALOU who also wears the screenplay cap. It depicts the phenomenon of pregnancy in schools, irresponsibility and the resignation of parents.

In "Kamissa", Guy KALOU played the role of educator Lamine Bassori. His prize was received by his wife on Monday 13 May 2019. Guy KAlou kindly associated us with his joy by sharing the news on his Facebook account. An opportunity to thank all the people who participated in the success of this film starting with the supreme being to whom he owes everything.

Congratulations to Guy KALOU and the entire team that made this film possible.

Dylaurette YOUKOU



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