Put garlic in the vagina, the new stupid and dangerous idiot preached by YouTubers

In the family of good WTF stuff, I ask garlic in the vagina! No, you have not arrived in a parallel dimension, you are on Earth and in 2019. An American gynecologist had to send a message on Twitter to remind that NEVER NEVER EVER it is necessary to insert a clove of garlic in her pussy. Yes, I wrote foufoune, so what?

Garlic Cloves and Bulb for food cooking in the kitchen

Whatever your sexual practices, whether you are a fetishist a bit chelou, that you like naughty games, honestly ... It does not matter. It does not concern us and you do what you want. But ladies, ladies, inserting vegetables / foods / spices / sharp objects into your vagina is definitely no. Because it's dangerous. Oh? First news.

Yes because obviously, it does not flow for everyone. On Twitter, we have seen the most laughable and at the same time the most disturbing hashtag of the year: #vaginaisanogarliczone.

Should there really be a debate?
We do not know how we got there but some YouTubeuses have said loudly that putting garlic in the pussy, it was cool. And that it would prevent among others to get fungal infections but also to no longer have a small smell of shrimp not always very pleasant (and good appetite!).

Between two beauty tutos and a replay of an episode of a reality show, we can therefore find videos of girls who tell us how to hang a thread to a piece of garlic and insert it as a buffer . Stupidity and ignorance have no limits.

Of course, some users have followed these tips. We do not know where their common sense has gone, we are still searching. You can imagine (well, we hope) that put garlic in the kitty ... And well it stings! It irritates the mucous membranes enormously, it burns and it is obviously dangerous for the health.

Put the points back on the i
So, an American gynecologist told himself that something had to be done. So she grabbed her Twitter account to put the church back in the middle of the village, as Grandma would say. The doctor was not content with a short call to order, it was squarely split 10 tweets to explain the why and how. And disassemble one by one the arguments of girls who know nothing about it.

"Why do not put garlic in her vagina", Jennifer Gunter first wrote on the social network. Oh yes, well, good question. Because, in addition to inflaming the intimate parts, it can contain a bacterium - which comes from the soil where the pod has grown - that loves to grow in a humid environment. Since a vagina is not the driest place in the world, we let you find the link of cause and effect.

So yes, garlic has lots of great properties. It may in particular contain a natural antibiotic, which bears the nice name of acillin and may be anti-germs. But that, it works only in the laboratory, in a sterile environment, during tests on cells ... In short, in the scientific research, with people who control their subject. Not at home, one night you're bored and you have a piece of garlic in the bottom of the fridge.

The specialist also explains that the women who praise this practice say that you must insert a whole clove of garlic in the vagina. Except that in fact, for the famous antibiotic emanates from the plant, it must be cut or crushed. The demonstration does not stop there. We are not going to repeat his arguments one by one here but overall, DO NOT DO THIS. No, but what an idea, let's see.

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