USA: Democrats' temptation to dismiss Donald Trump

The White House stubbornly refuses to respond to Congressional requests and has not provided elected officials with any of the requested documents, including the full version of the Mueller report. An obstruction of congressional powers by the Democrats, who now speak of " constitutional crisis ". These tensions rekindle the debate around the launching of a procedure of impeachment of the president.

With our correspondent in Washington, Anne Corpet

« Trump urges us to remove him Said Nancy Pelosi, adding: " It's a path that creates a lot, many divisions ". The leader of the Democratic Party in the House remains hostile to such a procedure, which has very little chance of success.

Opposition is the majority in the House of Representatives, but meeting the votes of 20 Republican senators necessary to push for the exit the host of the White House seems excluded. Such a procedure would also allow Donald Trump to pose as a victim of opposition harassment.

But several elected Democrats, bristling with the attitude of the executive, are now openly campaigning for impeachment. It would at least get the documents that the White House stubbornly refuses to provide.

10 petition millions of signatures

And the opinion, she begins to switch: a petition for the removal of Donald Trump was handed Thursday in Congress, with ten million signatures.

According to the latest poll, 45% of Americans would support the procedure. If it is still a minority, this figure is up by 5% compared to the last survey on the subject, conducted in April.

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