United States: Facebook accused of discrimination in targeted ads

After conducting the investigation, the US Department of Housing sues Facebook in court. The company is accused of discriminatory practices in advertising. A judge must now consider whether the complaint is justified. It would then be the realization of a long battle.

Three years ago the information site ProPublica revealed that the advertising targeting tool sold by Facebook was breaking the law. Advertisers could choose the recipients of their campaigns based on ethnic, physical or sexual criteria.

Six months ago the US Department of State Housing and Urbanism launched an investigation into these practices. For example, Facebook allows real estate agencies to exclude non-Christian, Hispanic, or disabled people from their intended audience.

Ten days ago, to stop the prosecution of civil rights organizations in the United States, Facebook announced changes. The social network promised a different management of advertisements targeting minorities and economically fragile populations in the area of ​​housing credit and employment.

The US Department of Housing has still decided to continue its prosecution. If the administrative judge considers that the complaint is justified, it could impose a fine and the payment of compensation.

source: http://www.rfi.fr/ameriques/20190328-etats-unis-facebook-accuse-discrimination-publicites-ciblees