A young mother proves that giving birth by cesarean is not the end of the world!

Moms around the world regularly share their experiences with childbirth. Most moms are against the Caesarean because they think that giving birth naturally is better for the mother and the baby. Many think that caesarean section can be traumatic. But others defend it fervently.

After this operation, women find it difficult to recover and recover their body from before because the abdominal wall has been damaged. This opinion may be reasonable, even if such an operation is more common nowadays: one every 20 to 40 minutes. Moreover, this choice is not necessarily deliberate. Caesarean section is also practiced when the mother can not give birth naturally for medical reasons (the life of the mother or the baby is in danger, the possible complications of a natural birth or because of a narrow basin) .

A young mother named Tanya decided to share her experience with cesarean section. Before giving birth, she knew a lot about the recovery period and realized that in her case, she had to undergo this operation.

Finally, after all this happened, she decided to prove that the operation and recovery are not as bad as most women think. The young woman chose Instagram to give her opinion and observations.

In no case should you feel sorry for yourself or think that once operated, you will be bedridden for days. Do not listen to those who justify having a stomach because of cesarean section. It's just that they are lazy and do not want to work on themselves. A cesarean section does not prevent a normal life.

Although she confesses that at first she had trouble moving and getting up, 12 hours after the operation, she was already taking care of her baby. She used a bandage as a support to prevent her abdominal muscles from relaxing. Tanya says that the belly gets back to its former shape much faster, thanks to this method.

Normally, doctors do not recommend exercising in the 4 months after a cesarean section, to avoid putting pressure on the lower abdomen. According to some reportsduring the 6 weeks following the operation, the woman's body is completely recovering. Yet, if a woman thinks it's safe, she can start doing exercises to firm up her vaginal muscles. But, many experts are used to saying that women need to prepare for a long period of recovery and weight loss.

Tanya proved that this myth was also wrong. In a few weeks, she lost 13 15 kg she had taken during her pregnancy.

I had my caesarean section two months ago. I already play sports and I have only 2 kg to lose, to regain the weight I had before my pregnancy.

Many women are also afraid that the stitches of the caesarean section are too conspicuous. In the case of Tanya, this, too, turned out to be wrong.

There is a scar in the bikini area, it is completely invisible and I do not need to wear one-piece swimsuits. If you did not know that I had a caesarean section, you would not even notice the scar.

Looks like this young woman had a very positive experience giving birth by caesarean section. Yet, we must not forget that all women are different. And, this is reflected in their well-being and their convalescence. This experience seems to be rather unique. No one should compare themselves to others or feel guilty. What do you think about this ? Share your opinion in the comments!

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