Brazil: Round women in the spotlight at an erotic salon in Rio

The Sexy Fair of Rio de Janeiro, the biggest erotic fair in Latin America, organized a beauty contest like no other: "Deusa plus-size" ("Goddess of great sizes"), to show that obesity can rhyme with sensuality.

"This contest has given me the desire to accept me, to live," said AFP Thayanne Oliveira, 19 years, one of the competing 29, who suffers from depression and anxiety crisis since she has been affected by Hodgkin's disease (a form of cancer of the lymphatic system) in adolescence.

On the podium, this young black woman with fine braids that falls gracefully on her shoulders is radiant in the black swimsuit that showcases her generous forms.

Each competitor wears a small number glued to the top of the thigh and scrolls dancing sensually, under the cheers of a conquered audience.

They also scroll in a beige sequined dress slit to the waist.

At the end of the parades, a man in fire gear tumbles with a fire extinguisher, to "extinguish the fire".

The winner, a blonde with blue eyes, won a prize 3.000 reais (about 380 euros) and a session of sensual photos with a renowned photographer.

Only black rewarded, Thayanne, she is content with third place and a price of 1.000 réais, but his victory is elsewhere.

"Now, I want to blossom, in my private life, but also as a model, it's my dream. I've heard so many times: + You're so beautiful, but why do not you lose weight? + It hurts, "she says.

"There are many taboos in the erotic milieu. The round women did not feel comfortable in this type of atmosphere, they thought that this kind of salon, it was just for women with sculptural body, "says Francilene Perez, organizer of the contest" Deusa plus-size ".

"I have a brand of sexy lingerie and I work in the distribution of articles in sex shops and I have never seen women round in erotic salons. I talked to the organizers of the Sexy Fair and they loved the idea, "she adds.

For Francilene Perez, the idea is not to "apologize for obesity", in a country where 53% of the inhabitants are overweight, according to a report of the Ministry of Health from last month. "But if a woman is overweight, even if she wants to lose weight, in the meantime, she must be sexy, sensual," she says.