France: People arrested, suspected of having an intention to attack the police

"Several individuals" suspected of preparing an attack on the security forces were arrested Friday as part of an open investigation for "criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy".

Four people suspected of preparing an attack that could target law enforcement in France were in police custody on Monday 29 April, as part of an open investigation for "criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy", sources told AFP concordant.

Among these suspects arrested Friday is a minor, already sentenced to three years in prison for seeking to visit Syria, including two years suspended with probation, said the prosecution, confirming information from several media.

Investigation opened the February 1er

This minor was placed within an educational structure as part of this testing. The other three people, majors, are known for common rights, according to a source close to the survey.

The preliminary inquiry was opened on February 1er by the Paris public prosecutor's office and the investigations entrusted to the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI).

The police are among the targets that the Islamic State organization has been called upon to target many times. Even if the jihadist group is now defeated in Iraq and Syria since the fall of the last reduction of its territory, France still lives under a constant terrorist threat.

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