Yellow vests. Here is what is planned for the 23 act in Toulouse, this Saturday

An act 23 yellow vests program in Toulouse, this Saturday 20 April 2019. Place of assembly, safety device, disruption in transport ... What you need to know.

A week after having known violent clashes in its streets, at a national gathering on the occasion of the act 22 yellow vests, the streets of Toulouse should be the scene of a new, undeclared Saturday April 20 2019. Various groups of yellow vests toulousains called for demonstrations, alongside Nuit Debout and There is no arrangement.

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Rally announced at Charles-de-Gaulle Square

However, it is worth noting a change compared to previous events: the rally is planned to 14 hours at the square Charles-de-Gaulle, close to ... Capitol Square, to which the protesters will not have access again. A new prefectural decree was taken in this sense: any demonstration claiming yellow vests is prohibited on the spot, Saturday, between 10 hours and 21 hours.

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Prefect of Occitanie and Haute-Garonne region


⚠️🚫 de or of the "Yellow Vests" movement on the Capitol Square in On Saturday 20 April 2019 from 10h to 21h. ▶ / 29754 / 200200 / file / 20190418-CP-ban-manifestation.pdf ...

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However, no course or meeting place has been announced for this new day of mobilization. During the act 22, the procession had marched in the hypercenter of the Pink City.

Immediate dispersion by the police

After the many acts of violence that occurred during the 22 Act, the Haute-Garonne prefecture announced:

Any demonstration or gathering causing disturbances to public order will give rise to an immediate dispersion by the police and the questioning of possible perpetrators of violence.

So, the device is "Substantially reinforced by mobile forces, to ensure the safety of people and property.

Disturbed transport from 13h30

Otherwise, Tisseo announced that the Airport shuttle as well as the bus lines L1, L7, L8, L9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 27, 29, 39, 44, 45, 66 and 70 are deviated from 13h30, While Downtown Shuttle and the Online 31 are suspended.

Early closings of markets and gardens

For its part, the mayor of Toulouse has also taken several measures. The markets of Glass, ofArnaud Bernard of Jeanne D'Arc, Capitol, Square de Gaulle and booksellers (Place Saint-Etienne) will close at 13 hours, just like the gardens of Grand Rond, Royal et Compans Cafarelli. Finally, the San Jordi Festival, planned St. George's Square, is canceled.

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