Facebook did not comment on the worldwide failure of Instagram and WhatsApp took place this Sunday

The failure has yet impacted millions of Facebook users and its services around the world.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 14, a huge blackout occurred at Facebook. A breakdown that inevitably impacted two of his popular services: Instagram and WhatsApp. An episode that is reminiscent of the one that took place last month in the face of a change in the configuration of servers. Only here: if Facebook had spoken about this failure, nothing was communicated events last Sunday by the firm. Suffice to say that once again, the giant decides not to apply the map of transparency with its users!

A breakdown that remains unexplained

If you had trouble logging into Instagram, WhatsApp and / or Facebook yesterday, nothing more normal: these services were victims of a global outage. A worldwide breakdown that directly refers to the one that took place last month and lasted much longer. Facebook had no choice but to express itself, evoking a change in the configuration of servers. It took a full day to fix the problem. An amazing communication decision from the company when we know that the latter practices very little transparency.

But now the old demons of Facebook are resurfacing again: the firm has simply decided not to communicate on the reasons for the breakdown of this Sunday. Not a message on Twitter or his blog.

But the glass is not half empty since the breakdown is now over - and its duration will have been shorter than the previous one that touched the services of Facebook!

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