United States: Democrat Pete Buttigieg Announces Presidential Candidate

37, the mayor of an industrial city in Indiana Sunday launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

The list of contenders continues to grow. Pete Buttigieg, the young openly gay mayor of a mid-sized city in the US industrial basins, which became a phenomenon at the start of the presidential campaign, officially launched on Sunday his candidacy for Democratic nomination for 2020.

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At 37 years, this millennial graduate of Harvard, with progressive positions and who served in the US military in Afghanistan, announced his ambition at a public meeting in his South Bend city: dislodge Donald Trump from the White House.

"We sell a myth to rural and industrial communities", according to which "we could stop time and go back," he proclaimed before a cheering crowd, referring to the slogan of Donald Trump hammered for years: "Make his greatness to America".

7 millions of dollars raised

"If there is one thing that South Bend has shown, it is that there is no honest policy based on the word 'still'", hammered the candidate at the youthful pace but at the same time. deep voice, carrying a new assault on the American president. Born in this Indiana city, Pete Buttigieg comes from these territories that tipped the election in favor of Donald Trump, the "Rust Belt", this "rust belt" located in the northeastern United States and damaged by the decline of industries.

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This polyglot has garnered 7 million dollars in contributions, more than most of its competitors, and ranks third in the latest polls for the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, the first states to vote.

On Sunday, after a few charges against Donald Trump and the Republicans, he sought to elevate the debate and offer a message of hope and optimism, presenting himself as a rallying force. If he made no concrete proposal, he recalled the values ​​to which he was attached: racial and gender equality, the right to education and health, a reasoned migration policy, the protection of employees and the fight against climate change.

Practicing Christian

The extensive media coverage he enjoyed on Sunday shows that Pete Buttigieg, although plunged into the fray of 18 candidates for the Democratic primary, attracts the attention of a whole country. The fascination is partly related to what would be his entry into the White House. Pete Buttigieg would become the youngest and first openly homosexual president in the United States.

On Sunday, the man who officially became the first presidential candidate married to a person of the same sex repeated that the decision of the Supreme Court favorable to marriage for all (in 2015) had offered him "the most important freedom of his life ".

"I can tell you that if the fact that I am a homosexual was a choice, it was a choice that was made high, very high," said the Christian practitioner, religiously married in 2018 to his companion, Chasten, who took his last name.

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