SpaceX has achieved an incredible feat during its second launch of Falcon Heavy - BGR

After several days of delays and multiple false starts, SpaceX finally launched his Falcon Heavy rocket for the second time in his history. The launch, which took place on Thursday night, was a huge deal for the company and even exceeded the success of the first launch of Falcon Heavy at the beginning of 2018.

The first flight of Falcon Heavy was a story. The colossal rocket with its trio of thrusters accelerating into the sky was an impressive sight, and this was further enhanced when both side thrusters made simultaneous landings on Earth. There was still room for improvement and SpaceX was definitely improving.

The only problem encountered during the first flight of Falcon Heavy was the fact that its main amplifier had not landed on the SpaceX drone positioned in the ocean. It has splashed, which is not ideal for a company that is doing everything in its power to recover and refurbish its rockets for future use. Yesterday, things have improved a lot.

Not only did the two side boosters perform another pair of simultaneous landings on SpaceX's installations, but the main booster was hit. In addition, the drone of the company descended slowly.

It was far from safe, and to be honest things seemed a little gloomy at first. Once the two side boosters were safe and sound, the live camera was transferred to the teleported wire from the drone and just before the rocket hit the network, the wire died. The loss of signal occurred at the worst possible moment, but only seconds after landing the rocket, the power supply was restored and the rocket still scrolling was spotted calmly on the runway.

This is the first time SpaceX has completed a trio of one-shot recall, and the first time Falcon Heavy delivered a satellite in orbit to a paying customer. It was a great day for SpaceX and they deserve a lot of congratulations.

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