Fire of Notre-Dame de Paris: the structure is "saved"

  • Several hundred firefighters are in action Monday 15 April in the evening, to try to extinguish the fire ravaging Notre Dame Cathedral. According to the Notre-Dame spokesman, the fire was reported to be around 18 h 50.
  • As the fire caught in the attic of the cathedral, the spire collapsed on itself. But General Jean-Claude Gallet, commander of the Paris Fire Brigade, announced in the evening that the structure of the cathedral "Is saved and preserved in its entirety". "Two-thirds of Notre-Dame's roof has been ravaged"he said, however.
  • The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who postponed his speech to Tuesday, announced on the spot the launch of a national subscription. "We will rebuild Our Lady," he said.
  • Bishop Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris, spoke on the cathedral square. He says he wants "Thank the firefighters who saved the two towers. They risk their lives every time. ", and indicates to have received a message of solidarity from the Chief Rabbi of France. "Today Paris is in prayer, all the churches are open. We are all together united in this great misfortune " he added.