Pumpkin Seeds - Excellent for reducing bad cholesterol and improving liver and heart health

The pumpkin is a very useful vegetable which is even used in the diet and diet programs of children. In addition to the flesh, the seeds of the fruit are widely used for treatment purposes if they are dried.

Pumpkin seeds contain fatty oil, organic acids, vitamins B and C, amino acids and carotenes. Eating about 150 seeds provides the necessary protein, vitamin K, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc to the human body. All in all, pumpkin seeds are a warehouse of vitamins and beneficial elements.

These remarkable properties allow the use of pumpkin seeds to improve the work of the heart and even treat prostatitis. They can also help you fight bad cholesterol and reduce your blood sugar.

They are recommended to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach, breast, lungs, prostate and colon.

Pumpkin Seeds - Excellent for reducing bad cholesterol and improving liver and heart healthLightspring / Shutterstock.com

You can eat raw or cooked pumpkin seeds. Add them to salads, yogurts, pastries or eat them alone as a snack. Sample dishes with pumpkin seeds:

  • add in a salad to give a crisp taste;
  • at breakfast, mix with nuts, chopped dried fruits and yogurt;
  • bake with olive oil and cumin;
  • grind the seeds in a blender to obtain butter (if they are very dry, add a little water).

Pumpkin seeds can be very beneficial to the body if you include them in your diet. You will certainly notice an improvement in your health and your general condition.

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