Coco Emilia aka Biscuit De Mer, the bomb that makes you dream!

Remember her name, Coco Emilia, aka "Biscuit de mer" ... A whole file! The mere mention of this name will indubitably induce in some personalities a litany of words. Because this young woman has stood out for some years as one of the hottest girls in Cameroon, see Africa.

On social networks as in real life, the slightest actions of this now "influencer" are analyzed and commented. More than one hundred thousand followers only on Instagram! In addition to a well-hung tongue, and a luxury lifestyle, it goes without saying that the beauty and sexy style of this international jet-setter, are the main reasons. Diplomats whose names we will keep quiet! But also football stars!

Coco Emilia makes diplomats dream

Right now the lovely young lady is improving her English and taking comedy classes at the New York Film Academy. So do not be surprised to see her on official podiums.

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