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14 foods that you should eat to clean your arteries and keep them healthy

The leading cause of death in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases are a set of disorders affecting the heart and blood vessels. Several factors lead to the appearance of these, such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes or hyperlipidemia. To guard against cardiovascular disease, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote foods that improve the health of the arteries. Here are 15 foods to incorporate into your diet to guard against cardiovascular disorders.

Infarction, stroke, atherosclerosis, many diseases that can be life threatening. E-Times, explains us that to avoid them, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle by promoting theexercise and foods that clean the arteries. Did you know that sardines were good for cardiovascular health? If you read the following lines, you will know what you need to incorporate into your diet to protect your arteries.

1- The orange

The citrus fruit is the ideal food to open the arteries. It is full of pectins and blocks the absorption of bad cholesterol by the body. According to this survey, the frequent consumption of orange juice allows a considerable reduction of the cholesterol present in the blood.

2- Kale

Leafy vegetables are recommended for cleaning the arteries, especially the cabbage frieze. Rich in omega 3, antioxidants and fiber, this food should be favored by people who may develop arterial disorders.

3 - Spinach

Rich in vitamin A and C, spinach is also an excellent source of beta-carotene. According to this survey, this food is very effective to fight against the stiffness of the arteries.

4- The grenade

This delicious fruit is effective to unclog arteries. Rich in punic acid and antioxidants, it prevents the plaque from forming inside the arteries. It is scientifically proven: its consumption helps fight against all cardiovascular diseases.

5 - Sesame seeds

These seeds are ideal for fighting the onset of atherosclerosis. According to this survey, their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power acts as a real shield of the cardiovascular system.

6- Garlic

Known for many virtues, garlic is also effective in reducing plaque and blood pressure. According to the researchers, the food is useful for reducing the effects of atherosclerosis.

7- Dark chocolate

Thanks to its richness in cocoa and flavonoids, the chocolate black makes it possible arteries more flexible and thus prevent heart disease. A small square a day is advisable to enjoy its benefits on overall health.

8- The lemon

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant power, lemon is excellent for the health of the arteries and the heart. Thecitrus is also rich in vitamin C, thus reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

9- Turmeric

The golden spice is effective against atherosclerosis and to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Rich in polyphenols, it helps protect the arteries and more generally the cardiovascular system.

10- Sardines

Rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, sardines are the most recommended fish for heart health. They can increase levels of good cholesterol and reduce inflammation. According to this survey, sardines help protect cardiovascular health.

11- Lenses

Thanks to their high magnesium, potassium and protein content, the lenses help reduce plaque in the arteries. It is scientifically proved: consumption of these oilseeds is recommended for the heart.

12 - Almonds

Thanks to their antioxidant power, almonds are recommended for coronary health. According to researchers, they lower the hyperlipidemia responsible for most cardiovascular illnesses.

13- Watermelon

Rich in citrulline, an amino acid, watermelon helps to heal inflammation and clean the arteries. This fruit is also rich in nitric oxide, an element that reduces blood pressure.

14 - Blueberries

Blueberries are prized for their antioxidant action. They reduce the plaque responsible for atherosclerosis and fight against the free radicals responsible for cardiovascular illnesses.

Caution :

Before introducing these foods into your diet, it is essential to consult a specialist.

As a reminder, lemon is not recommended for people with gall bladder diseases, kidney disorders and gastric disorders.

Garlic is not recommended for people with intestinal disorders.

Dark chocolate is to be banned in large quantities for people with diabetes.

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