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Incompatible zodiac signs to be in a relationship

Incompatible zodiac signs to be in a relationship

It is often said that opposites attract, however, this adage is not unanimous because some still ask the question whether it is myth or reality. Indeed, the differences of character are sometimes fatal to couples, to believe that some are really not made to be together. To find out more and elucidate this enigmatic question, here is what the stars reveal to us in terms of compatibility and zodiac signs that should avoid dating at any price!

If for some love comes from an inexplicable attraction that is a spiritual connection, for others the link that binds us to our partners is explained based on our biological and psychological compatibility. If you want to know your chances of success as a couple or know if you are rather on a slippery ground, keep reading ... you may be surprised!

Incompatible zodiac signs to be in a relationship

Aries: avoid the Lion

Too dominant, Aries and Leo tend to engage in a merciless power struggle. Both wanting to win in the couple, the combination of these two signs does not bode well. In other words, you better be ready to go to war ...

Bull: avoid the Lion

The disadvantage of this couple is based on the dominant / dominated relationship that is established between the two partners. Taurus being very affectionate and generous on a daily basis, he falls right into the Lion's trap narcissistic who benefits without any scruple to flatter his ego.

Gemini: avoid Scorpion

If you want to partner with a Scorpion, get ready to say goodbye to your social life. With such an intense and mysterious partner, it will be extremely difficult to find a balance. Move away before you burn your wings ...

Cancer: Avoid Aries

Diametrically opposed, Cancer and Aries do not really get along well. Very sensitive, the native of Cancer reacts badly to the coldness of Aries which hides behind his shell. Installed in an impenetrable fortress, the latter will block your access for fear of losing its independence.

Leo: avoid Aquarius

Do not judge on appearance. If Aquarius places you on a pedestal early in the relationship, know that it will have no trouble getting you down. The native of this sign tends to become jealous of his partner and does not hesitate to disappear when he feels that he no longer occupies the central place in the couple.

Virgin: Avoid the Capricorn

Guided by logic and rational reasoning, the natives of Virgo and Capricorn are able to develop a good understanding. On the other hand, it is devoid of any passion which will inevitably lead the couple to its loss.

Balance: Avoid Cancer

Desiring to evolve in a stable and balanced environment, the Libra face the impulsiveness of Cancer who prefer to live from day to day. Both of these signs have trouble communicating and usually drop their arms fast enough.

Scorpio: avoid Pisces

Attracted by the calm and lightness of Pisces, the Scorpion go headlong in a relationship that will tire him very quickly. Unable to make a deep connection, both signs tend to lock in on themselves or lead a more satisfying hidden life.

Sagittarius: avoid the Virgin

Sagittarius often tends to go to the Virgin's native because he sees the disciplined nature of the Virgin as a challenge. He will try repeatedly to encourage his spontaneity but the daily effort will soon affect his morale.

Capricorn: Avoid the Libra

Because of their many similarities, the idea of ​​these two paired signs does not seem so bad. However, their differences of opinion about money are too great and threaten the survival of their relationship. Indeed, the orderly side of Capricorn completely opposes the financial irresponsibility of Libra.

Aquarius: Avoid the Bull

The joyous and liberated nature of Aquarius is radically opposed to Taurus' desires for stability, even though they may seem attractive to him at the beginning of the relationship. As a couple, Aquarius will soon feel controlled which will make it run away!

Fish: avoid Gemini

Romantic and idealistic, Pisces has a definite idea of ​​what he is looking for in a relationship and Gemini would not make such a bad partner. However, the bipolar tendencies of the latter sometimes lead to difficulties within the couple that will be difficult to remedy.

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