MISS WORLD 2000: 117 days and divorce follows !!!

would there be water in the gas between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas? According to the American press, newlyweds are already thinking of getting divorced, only five months after their wedding ...

Last December, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made us believe in the fairy tale again by organizing THE wedding of the year. Wishing to marry only a few months after the beginning of their idyll, the Indian bomb 36 years who was elected Miss World in 2000 and the famous American singer 26 years did not hesitate to organize spectacular wedding with no less than three different ceremonies spread over a month.
And since their marriage, the two young people continue to multiply the demonstrations of love on social networks. Like her two sisters-in-law, Danielle and Sophie, the beautiful Priyanka appears in the latest video of the Jonas Brothers who have just signed their musical comeback.
The American press announces the divorce
Yet despite these perfect appearances, the American newspaper OKAY ! Magazine has just released an edition announcing the divorce of the young couple. On a portrait of Priyanka and Nick, the media title of a big "DIVORCE AFTER 117 DAYS! ", followed by the following information: "Lies, arguments and betrayals ... why his family begged him to end his marriage, 2 million dollars wasted at the wedding ..."

"She behaves as if she were 21 years old"
According to the same magazine, Nick Jonas would have quickly disillusioned by discovering the true face of his wife: " Nick thought that Priyanka was easy going when they got married but he just saw his desire to control him. Also, she just unveiled her angry side, something that Nick had not noticed before the wedding ».
If the magazine also points out the fact that they have not signed a marriage contract and that in case of divorce, the actress could inherit half of the fortune of the singer, it also reveals that despite appearances, his in-laws do not appreciate it: "They thought that Priyanka is a mature woman and that she is ready to start a family but they have just discovered that she is a party girl who behaves as if she were 21 years old.