Pozole Chipotle Chicken and Pressure Cooker Recipe - New York Times

A pressure cooker is the ideal tool to prepare a quick pozole to taste as if it had been simmering for a long time. The traditional red pozole usually requires roasting and mashing dried peppers to obtain a tasty broth, but this is based on canned chipotles for their smoky complexity. The chipotles can be hot, so do not hesitate to use fewer peppers if you are concerned about the heat, but do not skimp on the adobo sauce: it is sweeter than the peppers and is full of flavors of smoke and garlic . Serve soup in bowls filled with crumbled cheese, avocado diced and crushed fries

. This slow cooker version uses chicken legs with skin, carrots and celery, with bone, and is available . ] right here .

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