Cameroon: autism, a disease little known by the population of the West

This Tuesday 2 April 2019 was the day dedicated to the awareness of autism day that is celebrated since 2008.

Autism is a disease little known to the people of the Western Region and is characterized by social communication limitations and stereotyped and repetitive behaviors, behaviors and special interests. These characteristics can be manifested in different ways and with varying intensity. This means that people with this disease may be different from each other.

In the capital of the western region, autism is a very little known disease, though some claim that "it's the first time" they hear spoken, others try to give a definition, it's is the case of Gabriel moto taximan of the city of Bafoussam who thinks that autism is "the hearing disorder" for still others it is "a mental illness".

Autism is a disability, a handicap. It is a disease that is due to neuro-developmental abnormalities. The understanding of autism has greatly evolved. From a pathology formerly considered as unique, rare and severe, to a grouping of different disorders with common symptoms.

With respect to the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder, several independent studies report 60 to 70 cases on 10 000, or 1 to about 150. The girl / boy ratio is from 3 to 4 for 1 girl. This difference between the two sexes is related to the IQ.

There is sign that shows that a child has autism including no babbling or gesture to communicate before one year, no word before the age of 18 months, no sentence of two words spontaneously before two years, a sudden loss of language ability or brutal desocialization. Here are some symptoms to recognize autism.

One of the components of the resolution designating the April 2 as World Autism Day is to raise awareness of autism at all levels of society. It is important to know that a child does not become autistic but comes into the world with this disorder. Heredity and more widely genes remain the predominant factor accounting for at least 60% of autism.

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