People: Jenifer: collapsed by the death of a loved one, she cracks during a concert


Jean-Luc Codaccioni was a very important person in the life of the singer of Corsican origin. In December 2017, this man of 54 years was murdered following a settling of account near the airport of Bastia.

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His tragic death marked the life of Jeniferbecause she had lost an uncle.

Recently, the interpreter of I dance paid tribute to him during his tour in Corsica.

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As the reports Paris Match, la singer could not restrain her emotion when she sang Again and again, a title dedicated to his beloved uncle:

Jenifer interprets her with her eyes closed, her hand on her belly, searching deep within herself for her pain and sorrows to better transcend them.

At the end of the performance, she turned to her musicians to better hide her emotions. Recovering from the loss of a loved one seems impossible ... What do you think?

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