Cameroon: at 84 years old Niat Njifenji Marcel, again president of the Senate


The Cameroonian Senate has re-elected President Niat Njifenji Marcel on March 14 for a period of one year, according to reports.

The veteran veteran politician of 84 years exercises his functions since 2013. The public radio channel CRTV, said he was the only candidate in this election.

The Senate has 100 members: 70 are elected and 30 appointed by the President. At the end of an ordinary session in Yaoundé, he collected 92 votes on 100 possible.

Seven votes were not in favor of the motion while a senator was absent. He was then sworn in and took over the current session, confirmed a local news portal, Cameroon 24.

The speaker is part of a group of senators who, in addition to voting, have been appointed to the Senate by presidential mandate. President Paul Biya appointed him senator in 2013, when the upper chamber of the legislative power was created. He is a member of the ruling party, the Mouvement démocratique des peuple camerounais (known by the CPDM French). According to the law, he is the next to succeed the president in the event of death.

He would remain head of state until the polls were held, but he is not allowed to vote. Previously, he served as the head of a national electricity company and minister in the early 90 years. He was also Mayor of Bagagngte, his birthplace in western Cameroon.