Disney: the purchase of the Fox will be finalized in a week


The purchase of Fox will be recorded in a week, Disney having obtained the last authorizations she needed to finalize a transaction estimated at 71,3 billion.

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The Disney / Fox deal is confirmed! Mickey's House has received the last clearances it needed to finalize its purchase of the 21st Century Fox. Shareholders in Fox have until Thursday 17h to choose if they prefer cash and / or shares at Disney. according to Varietythe amount of the transaction is estimated at 71,3 billion and it will close the 20 next March.

The deal between the two firms was complicated by the fact that 21st Century Fox included a "media" that Disney could not absorb because of the laws antitrust in force in the United States. They say that in the name of free competition, you can not have a monopoly. This ensures the smooth running of the Fair trade and economic competition for the benefit of consumers. For example, Disney has a sports channel (ESPN) just like Fox (Fox Sports) and the two entities can not merge, in the name of free competition.

That's why despite the merger between Fox and Disney, a new entity is created, Fox Corporation, to consolidate the pan-media of the firm (Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Television Stations, Fox News, the Fox Business Network, FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, etc.). This is to circumvent these laws antitrust.

The merger of each studio's units caused 4 000 layoffs and the money tied to these job losses was immediately reinvested in the launch of the Disney Plus streaming platform before the end of the year.

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