Christchurch was struck by a tragedy before


Between 2010 and 2011, the third most populous city in the country has been hit by a series of earthquakes.

While New Zealand is used to earthquakes, few have been as devastating as this earthquake, which killed 185 people, injured 6 000 and destroyed 170 000.

Most of the deaths occurred when a six-storey office building, the CTV building, collapsed during the earthquake.

according to official figures 115 people were killed in the CTV building, 18 people in the PGC building, 8 people in a bus and 28 people elsewhere in the center of Christchurch, and 12 other victims. in the suburbs. Four other deaths were found to be directly related to the incident.

Victims came from many countries around the world and included a group of students learning English in the CTV building.

'Running on jelly'

Witness Gavin Blowman told CNN at the time when he had run into the street that the earthquake had struck.

"It was like I was running on the jelly," he said. "We saw a giant rock crumbling on the ground from a cliff - a rock that had been there for millennia. He came across the RSA building - it was terrifying. "

Laura Campbell told CNN she was at work when the earthquake struck. She said that she saw "broken windows, falling bricks, people screaming, nine meters".

The earthquake caused the liquefaction of soft sand and silt, resulting in the rupture of water and sewer lines, broken roads and destroyed buildings. The cliffs collapsed and rocks were dislodged.

According to the New Zealand government

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