VIDEO. Jean-Marie Bigard shocked by the words of François Berléand on yellow vests

François Berléand should not expect such reactions. A few days ago, the actor gave his opinion on the movement of Yellow vests pushing a violent blow of mouth. "We are in an extraordinary country and people do not seem to understand that we are in an incredible country where the public service is free, care is free, if we manage well we can still have 1500 euros a month by not doing anything. We can have help everywhere and everyone complains. It's incredible ! (…) It is bullshit !", he said on RTL, very angry. And to add: "Me, from the beginning they make me shit yellow Vests ".

And obviously, this position did not please Jean-Marie Bigard. The humorist, invited Do not touch My TV Monday 11 February, reacted to the remarks of François Berléand. "I'm shocked because he says," first launched the comedian before continuing: "He starts his sentence by saying that the Yellow Vests do not realize that there are people who work but yellow Vests, they work! It's not tramps or job seekers. They are guys who work all their lives and then the 20 of the month, they can not do it anymore! " At the end of his speech, Jean-Marie Bigard was annoyed with those who criticize the movement: "They have not understood anything, they are angry guys and I want Yellow Vests to become a world revolution!"

"Let's get the real revolutionaries from all over the planet (...) Let's go get the billions where they are," concluded Jean-Marie Bigard. On the air RTL a few days ago, François Berléand did not hide his annoyance at the many manifestations of Yellow vests. "After a while when we see ten kilometers of trucks blocked by 20 Yellow Vests that were pissing! explained the furious actor. But how is it that 20 people can annoy so many people, it's not possible! "

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