Do you want to cook something special this weekend? Try simple recipes we have prepared for you! Plus, we have a ton of ideas on how to cook quick and delicious desserts for your family. You can create a culinary masterpiece at home! You will find many great baking ideas that require minimal effort. Watch our tutorials and find many ways to bend the dough and different stuffing ideas. Chocolate puff pastry dessert is so popular now because it is so easy to prepare and so delicious. You will need frozen puff pastry, chocolate bar, egg, crushed almonds. Find the tutorial in our video. Choose the one you like and amaze your friends or you can try them all!
Try an easy way to decorate cookies using cocoa and a fork! Use your imagination and create your own motif. In addition, you can decorate cupcakes with marshmallow fish or melting roses.
Another collection of cooking lifehacks is about the perfect ways to cook eggs. Prepare the eggs by dropping them in boiling water and you will not have any problem peeling them. Put the boiled eggs in cold water and shake them, you will take them off easily. If you have broken an egg and there is a small piece of shell in the bowl, remove it with a large piece of shell. We share the best way to cook fried eggs.
Do you like onions? We share a surprising but tasty way of cooking onions. Watch how to cut the onion, add salt, oil, balsamic and pepper. And bake. Your onion lotus is ready! Enjoy!
If you like cheese, you'll love our dangerously delicious methods of cooking pie.

00: 12 strawberries with Nutella
02: 23 Camembert baked with potatoes
05: 30 Pastry Ideas
08: 51 How to cook perfect eggs
12: 04 Easy Size Ideas
14: 39 lotus with onion

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