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Humanity will sooner or later head for Mars, but planning the first human mission on another planet is obviously a complex and expensive undertaking. Mars One was one of the first and most ambitious attempts to launch a human mission on Mars. It was also terribly mismanaged, short-sighted and perhaps even fraudulent in nature. He is also dead now.

Mars One, divided into a confusing hodgepodge of a nonprofit foundation and a for-profit corporation, has raised tens of millions of dollars from promising investors to create a permanent settlement. March. It goes without saying that things did not go well.

The information on the bankruptcy of the company, recorded by Reddit and spotted by Engadget seem to indicate that the entire organization is completely short of funding. A declaration of bankruptcy seems to be the last nail in the coffin for the commercial efforts of Mars One and for any mission that was in its infancy.

It is interesting to note that all this has been a colossal mess from the beginning, and commercial model (if you can even call it that) was laughable. The company had spent money and paid license fees to the non-profit branch while trying to embark on a mission on Mars.

Early on, the company was aiming for a budget of 6 billion to allow its first crew of four Mars astronauts, but it failed to get that figure across. Although they had managed to raise 6 billion, most experts agreed that it was not enough funding to carry out the task at hand.

The mission itself was poorly designed and would have been incredibly effective. dangerous if performed as intended by the company. The idea was that astronauts make a one-way trip to Mars, establish the beginnings of a colony, and then live their lives on the red planet. Scientists have been scandalous from the beginning, saying the plan lacked sustainability and that travelers would die quickly if they even survived.

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