Xiaomi's New Folding Smartphone Renders Should Worry Samsung - BGR

Prior to the February 24 press conference, a day before the 2019 Mobile World Congress kicked off, Xiaomi gave a deeper insight into its experiences with flexible displays and foldable smartphones. A glimpse of how the China-based company seems to always seem to be solving some of the technical problems inherent in the smartphone folding in two with its three different form factors that society is preparing, with Dutch blog LetsGoDigital that Xiaomi plans to call it Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex.

According to a video from Xiaomi, you can see above how the foldable phone's design will actually work - with two sides that can be collapsed under the phone - LetsGoDigital has also prepared a new series of renderings for the handset, about which Xiaomi's public relations team said this on the blog: "Xiaomi is the world's first to present a double fold-down smartphone and presents the same technical challenges as its three form factors: double fold, single folded and tablet. Before finding the best solution, Xiaomi has conducted extensive research on the development of a robust folding mechanism.

"Every innovation is the result of joint and cumulative R & D efforts by supply chain partners and the device manufacturer. It is wrong to think that a folding screen can be easily transformed into a folding smartphone without significant technological breakthroughs. Each segment of the industrial chain makes its unique contribution. Xiaomi believes that innovative products and an exceptional user experience are possible through strong collaboration and the participation of all parties. "

Samsung, meanwhile, is another big handset maker with a collapsible smartphone that will soon be introduced, though that's what Xiaomi is working on as Samsung (which folds in half like a book) seems a bit tame by comparing. according to the report of LetsGoDigital it is also unclear when Xiaomi plans to publish its double-fold feature - although a research report in Korea alludes to the second half of 2019.

We could also see the company show it at the MWC 2019, during which several companies will of course present their foldable handsets.

As additional clarification on what we can expect with Xiaomi's double-tap phone, LetsGoDigital [ signals that when you fold both sides of the screen, they close in the middle, at the back of the device. Once folded, you have a "relatively short and wide phone" with a power button at the top and a space for a USB Type C connection at the bottom.

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