Cardi B's historic Grammy victory sparks controversy

Definitely, give Cardi B the time and space to enjoy his historic Grammy victory.

Cardi B became Sunday the first woman to win the Grammy for best rap album, but the honor comes back

First, Ariana Grande reacts to the victory of Cardi B. with a tweet that could easily be interpreted as a personal insult to the rapper. And then BET, for reasons known only to the manager of his Twitter account, decided to dissociate rival Nicki Minaj from Cardi B.

Minaj has already taken revenge on the network.

But back to Grande, who tweeted the F bomb and the "trash" after Cardi B's first album, "Invasion of Privacy", was named best rap album, according to Page Six . Grande has since deleted the tweet, as well as its following excuses / explanations, which were as follows:

"Nothing to do with it. good for her. I promise. I am sorry. "

"She is not at all (junk) and that's not what I meant and you know it. "

Great wanted ex-boyfriend Mac Miller to get this award posthumously. Miller, who has died of an "accidental overdose" in September, was represented at the awards ceremony by her parents, Karen Meyer and Mark McCormick.

Grande, in response to another tweet, explained that she was hoping to see them accept the award on her behalf.

"This. that's what I was trying to say. Karen was going to make a green suit, "she said.

Cardi B, who learned that his parents were his fans, paid tribute to Miller and his family.

She tweeted the following title: "Mac Miller's The family tells Cardi B 'if he does not win the Grammys" and completes it with the legend "GRAMMY" (Winner) "

Great likes the tweet and responds with three black-hearted emojis in the commentary

Cardi B also released a video in which she said, "I read an article in which the Mac Miller family said that if he did not win, they wanted me to win, so I share that Grammy with you. . (expletive)! Rest in peace! "

As for Minaj, she found herself headlining for the BET Experience concert series and was rewarded after the award ceremony she was given by the network.

victory, BET's story included a press statement that said: "Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is dragged by her lace", according to Billboard .

Minaj and Cardi B, if you remember, went into a physical altercation during New York Fashion Week in September, wearing flying shoes and giving a torn designer dress and a bump in the head for Cardi B.

Minaj replied to a tweet telling him that she and he had already finished with Young Money BET.

"Young Money will not be (part of) BET Experience or Award Award," she said.