Justin Theroux sends a tender message to Jennifer Aniston despite their divorce

Happy birthday to this fierce woman. Who loves fiercely. Who is fiercely nice ... And fiercely funny.Justin Theroux wrote a photograph of Jennifer Aniston on her Instagram account for the anniversary. The actress celebrated her 50 at the February 11. The occasion for his ex-companion of him declares all the love and the admiration which he kept for her. Far from being in bad terms, the two exs seem to agree wonderfully.

A touching message that proves that Jennifer Aniston can keep good relations with his exs despite the break. It is also the case with Brad Pitt. Separated from 2005, the old lovebirds seem to have turned the page and forgot resentment. Indeed, Jennifer Aniston invited him to his birthday party on saturday 9 februaryat the Sunset Towers Hotel in West Hollywood.

The situation between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston seems to have evolved, in one year. Indeed, in February 2018, after the divorce of the actress with Justin Theroux, a source slipped to US Weekly: "Jennifer does not see Brad anymore with a romantic eye. But she always keeps a place for him in her heart"The two actors were not in contact at that time. A source close to Brad Pitt told People Magazine: "They have not seen each other for several years. (...) For almost ten years in fact. They have lived completely separate and so it is not surprising that they have become totally different people than they were when they were together.

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