Repatriated jihadists in France: "To assume such a return is to assume a risk of terrorist recidivism"

To reduce the risk of returning French jihadists to France, it is better to have an individualized approach rather than a standardized procedure, says researcher Jean-Luc Marret in a "world" forum.

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Tribune. Le precipitate return of French nationals - men, women, children - because of the unilateral US withdrawal from Syria, forces difficult decisions that could have a political - and therefore electoral - impact. To assume such a return, even if discreet, is to assume one day a risk of terrorist recidivism.

Nobody, indeed, can guarantee a zero danger. It has been considered intolerable the inconvenience that "our" jihadists are liberated by Kurdish or other authorities and thus disappear into the wild - this assertion amounts to saying that the pretensions of the actors on the ground to play for us Penitentiary guards were exorbitant, that a disappearance in the nature represented a major disadvantage for our security, as if the passage in detention in France was a necessarily positive operation for our society. Therefore, it was necessary to make a disadvantage an advantage.

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In this case, the differences between majority and opposition are based on very contrasting views of reality. Say for example "They are French before being jihadists" has the appearance of a generous conception of the French society, for the particularly inclusive blow, and can be also in conformity with the solidarity, say legal, due to French citizens, but that deserves a serious examination.

"One will note without naivety that any Western passport, and therefore French, is a perfect tool. It's a great way to global mobility »

It must be admitted for example that the invocation of the motherland in recent times by a certain number of jihadists does not always rest on a sincere and unconditional love of our country, but rather on the pragmatic use of a possibility. to escape the harshness of detention in the Middle East, or even death.

It will also be noted without any naivety that any Western passport, and therefore French, is a perfect tool. It's a great way to global mobility. Jihadism is also an internationalist form of solidarity, whereas French nationality - a country of kufr [disbelievers] for some - is for them in general a vicissitude, a disadvantage, but can also become a useful means for crossing borders and, ultimately, an insurance. The jihadist is indeed sadly human from this point of view: when the organization Islamic State (EI) seemed to triumph, France seemed very far. IS collapsed, our country miraculously finds a vital interest for a number of people.

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