Jacques Dutronc s

An extraordinary trio. Eddy Mitchell, Jacques Dutronc et Johnny Hallyday formed since 2014 "The old scoundrels". These three friends always came on stage and this, despite Johnny's illness. Their last concert was held on 5 July 2017 in Carcassonne, just a few months before his death. Still, Jacques Dutronc keep a vivid memory of it. "He brought up his two little princesses, it was very touching", he recalled in an interview with the Parisian, before emphasizing his temerity: "I saw him suffer a lot, but he was so brave that I sometimes forgot about his illness".

Despite his great sorrow, Jacques Dutronc did not go to the popular tribute in memory of Johnny Hallydaynor to St. Bartswhere lies the body of his friend. Blame his phobia for burials. "I do not like them, I'm not even sure to go to mine"he revealed. The singer of 75 also admits that the distance is for something. "It was too far from here (note: he lives in Corsica). I would have been in Paris, I would have gone with Eddy ".

"It was the best"

The rocker, who had put several days before to speak about the death of his great friend, keeps in memory of precious memories related to their friendship. "When I think back to him, I see ourselves as a kid rehearsing in a cellar rue de Clichy. I was his guitarist, he had not released any records yet but he already had an incredible presence "he recalled with emotion. Like many Taulier fans, Jacques Dutronc loud and clear: "It was the best, it's the best and it always will be".

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