Ivanka Trump wants to "save women" by giving everyone a dollar- VIDEO

Ivanka Trump wants to "save women" by giving everyone a dollar.

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Ivanka Trump will lead the latest White House initiative to lift 50 millions of women from developing countries out of poverty by spending 50 million. For those who know math, that's 1 dollar per woman. The White House swears that other government agencies will inject money to increase this total, but for the moment, none of them has increased, leaving the total to only one dollar per woman. Farron Cousins, from Ring of Fire, talks about it.

Link - https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/02/07/ivanka-trumps-plan-pledges-million-usaid-money-pull-million-women-poverty/?utm_term=.9f7069c735e7

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Last Thursday, the White House, Ivanka trump in an op op for the Wall Street Journal, uh, but she announced this new initiative for the development and global prosperity of women and in her editorial, Ivanka trump said that the goal of this initiative is to: invest in the greatest resource we have on planet Earth, namely young dynamic women from developing countries who want to start their own business and to help what they claim to be a woman of about 50 million, she will have the government spend 50 000 $ 000. Now, when it was announced, the game that it deserved was not obtained, but everyone immediately understood that if you spend 50 million dollars to help 50 million women, the ratio is one by one. Which means you literally spend 1 $ per woman. Ivanka Trump offers women around the world a dollar to lift themselves out of poverty.
Start your business, get better education, better opportunities. Ivanka Trump's new pet project is worth a dollar, but do not worry, the White House immediately came out later after realizing how horrible Ivanka was in math. He said, no, no, no. It's just the money promised at the moment by the USAID office. This has been budgeted for this, but other government agencies will also withdraw money from their budgets and so far none of them have announced their existence, but none has indicated that it exists. had one, but do not worry. it will be totally over 50 million dollars. In fact, they say it could reach 300 million. Well, I guess it's better because it would cost 6 dollars per woman. So, as long as the only thing holding back all these women was a single trip to Mcdonald's to get a quality meal, then I guess we're fine.

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