Cameroon - Youth Festival: students from the Northwest and Southwest parade in Figuil (North)

The parade of the National Youth Day organized in the district of Figuil allowed to appreciate the diversity of schools and the talent of children in this part of the country.

"For a first try, it's a master stroke! Congratulations to all the organizing committee of the parade in the district of Figuil! " Henri Nicolas Owono Mbarga has expressed his satisfaction at the end of the parade of the festival of youth on Monday in Figuil. Thanks to the brilliant participation of students, students from training centers and young people, the public gathered at the place des fêtes de Figuil discovered the splendor of the district's school map. Animated by the love of the homeland, the children paraded before the authorities and invited guests to celebrate them.

For a first try, it's a master stroke! The ritual will have been respected as to the solemnity and peculiarities observed. The many crowds coming out of the different neighborhoods have appreciated the quality and enthusiasm of the runners. Appropriate outfits, patriotic songs, gadgets, poignant messages are all elements of charms experienced by the public.

"Speaking of innovations we had the overall movements. It is a long time since the general movements had disappeared from the parade. We took up the challenge of reintroducing this in the parade of this 53 e edition and the adults appreciated, "describes the district delegate of the youth and civic education of Figuil.

A new thing in a tense social context in Cameroon, young people from the district of Figuil obtained flags from the authorities. Also, students from the North West and South West who were selected for their collaboration benefited from the support of the Chief of Land and the heads of the Figuil establishments in the Northern region.

Henri Nicolas Owono Mbarga, sub-prefect of the district, thinks that no locality of the country can claim to the development until the education of the children is not assured: "the populations supported me to rehabilitate rooms of class in Figuil and the sub-prefecture and the residence of the Sub-Prefect. I am satisfied because the populations of Figuil understood what the public authorities expect from the decentralization ", indicates the chief of land in front of the press.

By these acts, the administrative authority brings its touch to the promotion of education. An action that reminds people of the district of Figuil the need to actively participate in development activities in all its forms. In this gesture, he also traces the way to decentralization, which emphasizes the participation of the population in the management of their affairs.

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