Cameroon: the celebration of the 53th edition of the festival of youth took place in Babadjou despite some fears

This is not the usual crowd that found this February 11 2019 instead of Babadjou party in the department of Bamboutos in western Cameroon. The people of this district are still in fear after the sudden attack on Zavion's bilingual high school a few days ago.

It is at 12 hours past 10 minutes that NDONGO Jean Mathieu Clement sub-prefect of the district of Babadjou arrived at the place of celebration. After the performance of the national anthem by the students of the bilingual Lyceum of Babadjou his installation in the gallery, the hearing of the message of the Head of State to the youth, and several animations by the young people of different schools, the school and civil parade started.

Five kindergartens, forty-three primary schools, eight secondary schools and training structures, four youth organizations and associations, and four political parties were on the program for the parade at the Babadjou Feast Square.

During the transition from primary schools, no students were present in the ranks of Zavion public school as well as in the ranks of the bilingual public school of Zavion so it was the teachers who represented these schools. The Kombou Catholic School and the Balepo Catholic School had six and four students respectively. During the passage of these primary schools, the population present applauded the songs of these young people who invited everyone to seek peace, say no to incivism and manipulation and to be proud of the diversity of our country.

The Zavion Bilingual High School with twelve students opened the parade of secondary schools and training facilities. "We are satisfied that the party was held in good condition. And as you have seen, the trauma still remains at Zavion High School. We plan to go down there tomorrow (February 12 2019) to reassure those responsible for students' parents that the situation has returned to normal, "said NDONGO Jean Mathieu, sub-prefect of Babadjou.

Of the four political parties on the program, only two were represented. SDF Youth and Youth UNIVERS did not take part in the parade. MRC Youth was represented by only one activist. The OJRDPC was the most represented political party.

"The party was very beautiful, you saw our valiant children parade. They made their creeds either on signs in the songs or in the skits they presented to us, notions of peace and national integration also notions of tribalism and corruption. And I am sure that they have retained what the head of state recalled in his speech that is to say all that the government does and is doing for the insertion of young people into life active. I thank our young people for honoring us today, "said DELEGO Jacques, Mayor of Babadjou.

Even if the population present at the place of celebration was less important than in previous years, the 11 February 2019 ceremony took place without any major incident in Babadjou despite the fears created by some people who want to disturb the peace in this district and in Cameroon.

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