Cameroon: Secessionists and the army accuse each other of burning a hospital in Kumba -

Four patients were burned alive during an incident triggered in the night of 10 at February 11 which ravaged part of a hospital in Kumba (South West). The Cameroonian government accuses the "secessionist rebels" of being the perpetrators of this act, but they blame the soldiers of the army.

The people of Kumba are struggling to recover from the drama recorded in the city's district hospital on the night of 10 at 11 in February. That day, several unidentified gunmen invaded the premises of this hospital training - the main city - burning buildings and vehicles.

"They arrived at 1 in the morning and set fire to the buildings and vehicles of the employees who were in the yard. When the flames stopped, we found that there were four lifeless bodies on charred beds, "reported Young Africa an inhabitant under anonymity.

According to the official report drawn up by the Cameroonian authorities, seven vehicles were also burned, as were the staff residence, the operating theater, the maternity ward and the general medicine ward.

An act denied by Ambazonian militias

For the Cameroonian government, the fire at Kumba District Hospital was perpetrated by "a horde of secessionist rebels", estimated at about twenty individuals, according to their statement published on February 12.

A charge denied by Ambazonian militias, including the Southern Cameroon Activists Front (Scaf), which blames the soldiers of the Cameroonian army. According to this faction, the slow reaction of the firefighters, including a unit near the hospital, would illustrate that the fire was committed by the army.

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Kumba, a targeted city

A few days later, the damage remains significant. "It's a huge loss for this city," said a staff member at the hospital. "In the end 2018, the association of Kumba nationals living in Atlanta made an important donation of equipment to the hospital. Much of this material was destroyed, while it was used to treat civilians. This act is incomprehensible, "he added.

For the government, it is a "barbaric act of extreme cruelty"

The government, which strongly condemned "this barbarous act of extreme cruelty," pledged to do everything possible to ensure peace and security for people in English-speaking areas. While 10 Lockdown Days Imposed by Secessionist Militia the fighting continues to be heard in English-speaking cities, particularly in Kumba.

"We call on both parties to respect human rights and humanitarian law in this conflict," warned lawyer Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla, president of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa ( CHRDA), who denounce growing abuses since the resumption of fighting in the English-speaking area.

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In February, at least two people were killed in Bamenda and four people in Buea, one of whom was beheaded. A high school of Babadjou, a western French-speaking town bordering the North West, was attacked, and dozens of young people were arrested and held in an unknown destination by members of the defense forces.

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