Cameroon - Antisemitic remarks: Charles Ndongo and Ibrahim Cherif summoned to the CNC

This Tuesday 12 February 2019, the case of the anti-Semitic remarks of the minister Jean de Dieu Momo on the set of the program "Actualité hebdo", will play the prolongations to the National Council of the Communication.

The page is not turned yet! The Cameroonian government has certainly deplored the "inappropriate" remarks of Jean de Dieu Momo and expressed his "sincere regret" to the Ambassador of the State of Israel in Cameroon, following antisemitic remarks by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice on the set of the program "Actualité Hebdo" on Sunday 03 February 2019. But, the debate around this case, is not closed.

Indeed, Charles Ndongo, the Director General of Cameroon Radio Television and Ibrahim Cherif, the presenter of the quarreled show, are convened this Tuesday 12 February 2019 at the National Council of Communication in Yaoundé.

Before the commission chaired by Peter Essoka, officials of the Cameroonian public television will be invited to explain why for a program recorded in advance, they let go the big blunder of the minister Jean de Dieu Momo who created a diplomatic incident between Cameroon and the State of Israel?

As a reminder, the case begins on Sunday 03 February 2019 on the set of "Actualité hebdo" when, wanting to convince his brothers of origin Bamileke to "be less greedy" Jean de Dieu Momo said that "In Germany, there is had a people who were very rich, who had all the economic levers, it was not the Jews and they were arrogant ... such that the Germans felt frustrated, then one day came to a certain Hitler who put these people in the gas chambers "

These words of John of God Momo brought out of hinges the Israeli ambassador in Yaoundé. The latter first condemned the remarks of the Cameroonian minister, before demanding "immediate excuses". It is on this momentum that the Cameroonian government has mobilized to calm tensions. The government in its reaction, ignored the stigma during this same program, Bamileke, a people of the Western Region of Cameroon.

Without presaging the outcome of the convocation of officials of the CRTV, one wonders what's the use of the CNC? As a policeman of ethics and deontology, this autonomous regulatory body has recently made decisions against certain media. But CNC sanctions have never been enforced by sanctioned bodies. Without any reaction from the public authorities.

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