Alessandra Sublet denies any friendship with Laeticia Hallyday: "I do not girlfriend in this business"

Hello my best friend!", Launched Nicolas Canteloup a few days ago to Alessandra Sublet, with whom he co-animates It's Canteloup, after the 20h newscast. That day, the comedian and imitator decided to make a sketch on Laeticia Hallyday and pretended that Alessandra Sublet and the widow were friends. If the host played the game on the moment, hinting that she certainly had a friendly relationship with Laeticia Hallyday, it is not in reality. "I do not girlfriend in this business. So, my best friends are not from the seraglio. And if some do not have the necessary perspective to understand the humor of Nicolas, I can not do much for them", She told our colleagues of the TV magazine 7 Days, published the 11 February.

Alessandra Sublet and the widow of Johnny Hallyday have regularly been very complicit, especially in Saint Barth where the host has his habits. Last August, they were shown together and smiling on Instagram.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, on newsstands on Monday 24 last September, Alessandra Sublet already said that she would never be embarrassed by the humorist's jokes: "It will never be a problem because my relatives know me and know it's part of the game, she says. I will never wonder if a Nicolas valve can hurt a friend. There is a barrier between my job and real life"She added. A way of thinking that somewhat reassures Nicolas Canteloup, who has more than once felt the embarrassment of Nikos Aliagas. "I felt that some jokes cost him, says the comedian. He did not say anything because he was pro, but it was sometimes difficult for him. "

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