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When Apple uncharacteristically warned investors that its holiday quarter earnings would be far from previous expectations, we were not surprised. What surprised us, however, was the speed with which industry observers accepted explanations from Apple's executives that the troubles in the Chinese market were driving slower iPhone sales than expected. . We do not doubt that China has played a role, but there are other factors at play here. The biggest problem of the latest iPhones Apple is not China but the latest iPhones Apple.

After completely redesigning the iPhone into 2017, when Apple released its iPhone X, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary, the result of what could be the most annoying new iPhone range in the history of the phone since 11 years. For the first time since the iPhone 3GS, Apple has released an "S" series that introduces no new feature. The iPhone 4S had Touch ID, the iPhone 5s had Siri and the iPhone 6s had 3D Touch. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS presents nothing more than a slight burst compared to the iPhone X, and the XS Max is simply a larger version of the same phone.

Nevertheless, the XS line remains Apple's most expensive iPhone line. never, with prices that are around 1 500 dollars. It is precisely for this reason that Apple has also launched the iPhone XR, a little more affordable, but it is also missing something that could look like a fascinating new feature. Instead, this is just a simplified version of the iPhone XS, delivered in some brilliant colors. Fortunately, however, it seems that Apple has understood what is happening and plans to introduce at least one new feature interesting on the next iPhone 11.

2019 promises to be the most exciting year in recent smartphone design history ... if you're an Android user. Smartphone manufacturers, big and small, are discovering new ways to get closer to the all-screen design that people are calling for. Even Samsung is finally ready to give its Galaxy S lineup a deep redesign, and the Galaxy S10 will also offer other cool features, such as the new built-in fingerprint sensor and a power sharing feature. allowing users to charge wireless accessories with their Galaxy S10 phones.

Apple, meanwhile, should use again the same basic design for iPhone, for the third year in a row. According to rumors on the iPhone 11, the only two notable changes are the possibility of a slightly smaller notch at the top of the screen and a group of cameras redesigned at the back. We do not really care about the prospect of a smaller notch. As we explained in a previous cover, the notch really does not matter and a perforator screen is not better . This is the new network of cameras that interests us and it seems that a key supplier of Apple just confirmed a rumor that we really hoped to be true.

In in a report on Tuesday morning . ] Digitimes claims to have privileged information provided by Largan Precision. Largan is a company that will be immediately recognizable by the people who follow Apple because it is a key supplier of camera lenses for iPhones and other Apple devices. According to the report, Largan plans to reverse its recent fourth-quarter sales decline by increasing shipments of new three-lens modules.

"Largan Precision, a leading supplier of lens modules used in Apple smartphones, recorded a fourth quarter in 2018. revenues and operating profits both fell by more than 20%, mainly due to the decline in iPhone sales worldwide, but he remains optimistic about the adoption of three-lens modules or more for flagship models of smartphones and will continue to increase its production capacity ", digital Journalists Sammi Huang and Adam Hwang wrote:

Although the report does not specifically name iPhone 11 and Largan supplies lenses to other companies, Apple is by far Largan's biggest customer. The report also notes that Largan is about to receive a large number of "3D detection lens" orders, and that enhanced 3D features have also been announced for the iPhone 11. Apple has long been a leader in smartphone camera quality, but there is no doubt that the company has lost its edge in recent years, as its rivals were increasing the pressure. With the iPhone 11, Apple fans hope that the company can at least match the overall photo quality obtained by Huawei, and perhaps also present something comparable with the incredible Night Sight function of Pixel 3.

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