Switzerland: Billion Cohesion: Commission says "yes but"

Billion cohesion: a commission says "yes but"

The National Council sets conditions for the release of the billion cohesion for the European Union

Switzerland must grant the European Union a new "billion cohesion" including a credit for migration. The National Foreign Affairs Committee supports the project by 15 votes against 10, but under certain conditions.

The commission demands that money be released only if bilateral relations with the European Union improve, the services of the Parliament said Monday. Switzerland must be fully involved in the Horizon Europe research project. It must obtain an unlimited stock market equivalence and not suffer any new discriminatory measure.

The commission reinforces the conditions set by the Council of States. Senators had only stipulated that the Swiss contribution could only be used if the EU did not adopt any discriminatory measure against Switzerland.

There is no formal link between cohesion contribution, market equivalence and the negotiation of an institutional framework agreement with the EU. But the Federal Council had presented this second contribution to the EU over ten years as a gesture of goodwill towards Brussels.

The support is part of the general desire to conclude a delicate framework agreement with the EU. Accompanying measures and the resumption of the European Citizenship Directive are problematic.

Amounts discussed

The total amount to be released over ten years amounts to 1,302 billion francs: 1,047 billion to reduce economic and social disparities in the enlarged Europe, with a focus on vocational training, and 190 million for migration which will benefit the Southern Europe.

In early February, the National Political Institutions Committee proposed to increase the amount of the framework credit for migration from 190 million to 380 million francs. The envelope for EU cohesion would be reduced accordingly. (Ps / nxp)

Created: 11.02.2019, 18h09

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