Do you want to spend more money on entertainment? We share brilliant ways to control your monthly expenses. Do you have a lot of broken things that you want to throw away? It is better to reuse them and give them a second life. For example, you can reuse egg trays to organize your drawers. Use ground coffee to eliminate odors in your refrigerator. Do you know that you can fend off scarves at home? You'll find more creative reuse ideas for your home in our video!
Find a lot of ways to reuse objects. The main objective of this video is to teach you how to save money and we have a perfect thing. Reduce your monthly water bills. Fill a large plastic bottle with water and place it in a toilet tank. The bottle will move the water into the tank and you will use less water with each rinse.
Cash gifts are rather boring, but we share tips for turning any gift into a work of art. Their creative ways of packing money: use an empty pizza box or empty McDonald's packages; make a piggy bank and take out a chain of dollars or make elegant butterflies. If you want to make a creative but romantic gift, create silver hearts or even a pretty greeting card with money inside.
If you like to travel, you must learn to hide money to avoid risks abroad. First, you must know that the main rule is to divide the money. You can use a soap, a hairbrush, an empty lipstick container, a toothpaste, a phone case and even a sanitary pad as a safe place.
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09: 00 A smart way to hide money in the kitchen
00: 36 Gifts of Fresh Money
02: 25 Travel Tips Everyone Should Know
03: 48 Hide your money in a toothpaste
05: 05 Reuse the egg trays
05: 44 Reduce monthly water bills

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