We know that you love effective and helpful lifehacks and that you are always ready to help. Thus, you will find many useful ideas that will accelerate your daily life:
- If you need to clean a hair curler, warm it with a lighter and wipe it with a cotton
- Use a curler to perfectly align the eyes
- An eyelash curler is an ideal tool for plump your lips. Watch our tutorial and try this lifehack
- The puffy face and dark circles are an annoying problem, especially if you need a perfect appearance in the morning. Try a surprising mask made from pomegranate tea and gelatin
- Color your fake hair with crepe paper. Take a bowl, pour water on it and add a tablespoon of salt. Cut the crepe paper of the desired color into strips and then soak in water. Take out the paper and put the lock of hair inside and leave it for a few minutes. After that, dry naturally or use a hair dryer
- Use wasabi to naturally swell your lips. Mix wasabi and yoghurt and apply for a few minutes
- Try to make a blackhead mask at home to save money. Mix activated charcoal and gelatin
- Use whipped cream instead of a hair mask for dry hair. This will help prevent split ends and restore shine to your hair
- Mix aspirin, citric acid and water in a plastic bag. Insert your foot inside, wear a sock and wait 15 minutes. The old sin will exfoliate for 5-7 days
- Hair loss is a nightmare for everyone and we share a mask that will stimulate hair growth. You will need to mix yeast, hot water, honey, oil, vodka and yolk. Spray this mask on your hair
- Discover a perfect and surprising hack - use garlic to cure pimples

00: 41 Dandruff Treatment
01: 29 sunburn hack
06: 13 Aloe Vera makeup fixer
08: 57 Mask for hair loss
10: 31 Curler Curl uses surprisingly
13: 50 Use whipped cream for your hair

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