Ultimatum of the Sherif of Nioro to IBK: '' Release the PM, otherwise .... ! ''

Ultimatum, injunction, distrust ..., there is a little of all this through all that fell in the ears yesterday, at the 26 Stadium March, during the mega-meeting initiated and organized by Imam Mahmoud Dicko and the his. Under the enlightened guidance of the great Chérif de Nioro. If this is not the rise of perils, it is clear that the climate is far from being appeased.

His arrival in Bamako to take part in the event was announced at the same time as the initiative of the meeting. But the certainty ended up giving way to uncertainty or suspense as the day was approaching. However, Cheick ... ..n'is not less marked the appointment at which he was ultimately represented by a large delegation led by his eldest son. In addition to a contribution of 50 million CFA. And, above all, a message!

According to the bearer of the message, the sherif would be physically present had it not been for constraints related to his state of health. A source close to the Hamallists had actually told us a few days before that his sons struggled to dissuade him from making the trip. And the messenger to continue that the guide wished that he delivers to the assembly of faithful the contents of his sermon last Friday.

Amazement! The constancy of a position that the chérif has been keeping for some time against IBK has evolved several notches. The man has become uncompromising since it is a real ultimatum he now launches to the Head of State to whom he asks to send Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga as soon as possible. Or ... he will have to do with them !!!

He reminded him, he advised against entrusting 4 positions of responsibility to the latter, namely: the Prime Minister, the Ministries of Defense, Interior and Foreign Affairs. It was because the President did not keep his word, as on other agreements reached between them when he was involved in his election to 2013, that he began to fight against him by supporting a candidate against him in the last presidential. He will continue to support anyone who opposes this scheme.

In speaking Mahmoud Dicko does not say anything else ... now the tone is given. At the time of going to press, we have achieved by means of a video element the evasive reaction of the PM What will tomorrow be done?

Drissa Togola

The Challenger

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