Craigslist Hidden Weekly Treasure: 1992 Daihatsu Rocky

Unfortunately, the Rocky was abandoned in the United States before it could achieve bigger things. It's a shame because Daihatsu continued to modernize it until it was completely removed from all 2002 markets. For anyone who missed a Rocky, well, here's a second chance. This 1992 Daihatsu Rocky is on sale on the Los Angeles Craigslist for a great price from 3 900 $. The major disadvantage is that it counts 133 000 miles, but can be expected to be 27 years old.

Even with all these kilometers, it seems to be in a generally remarkable form. The fabric seats do not seem to have rips and the dashboard is flawless with zero cracks. Other features include a removable hardtop, a front tow bar, air conditioning, power locks and windows, as well as a CD player (hey, that was the 90 years). For those looking for a cheap 4 × 4 built in Japan in the 90 years, look no further.

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