The evolution of Jason Voorhees (Friday 13) with and without his mask

Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic characters in horror. He is the hero of the cult saga Friday 13. In other words, it has evolved a lot with the different films.

Friday 13 (Friday the 13th) is a series of horror films composed of no less than 11 original films - if we take into account the crossover with Freddy Krueger, the killer of the Claws of the Night and the remake of the first. His hero, Jason Voorhees, is part of the folklore of horror. Film after film, it has logically evolved.

Jason Voorhees, Friday 13, is revealed with and without mask

And it is precisely this evolution that this video proposes to trace. In less than 5 minutes, you'll navigate through the years, from 13's original 1980 Movie to 2009, Jason X and Freddy to Jason.

Besides this little walk in time, the most interesting is probably to discover Jason Voorhees with his famous hockey mask, and especially without. The opportunity to discover how the character was represented near 30 years of existence in the cinema.

In this video that traces all the movies

If you like horror, you know Jason Voorhees, or you just do not know him too well, the video below should interest you. Attention, the images can be quite shocking, not to leave in front of innocent eyes.

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