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The heartbreaking letter of a young 10 girl who commits suicide to "make her mother happy"

The 6 January 2019, Kings Day (el dia de Reyes) in Mexico (epiphany), a little girl named Evelyn Nicole N. addresses a suicide letter to her mother. The child writes that she has always wanted to leave her father, and explains to her mother that she offers him his death as a "gift". The heartbreaking story of this little girl who believes she does well sheds light on the psychological consequences of parental separation on children and the resulting dangers.

The relationship between parents plays a very important role on the psychology of the child. When things go bad at home, children are often affected, even if they manage to hide it. In fact, parents sometimes tend to forget about their relationship problems and do not necessarily have the time to think about the damage done in parallel. Children become a collateral damage to these destructive relationships.

Separation of parents and risk of suicide

When a couple separates, it is very important to include the child and explain the causes of the breakup. Indeed, if the child does not know the cause that caused this difficult situation, he can very easily blame himself and feel guilty.

According to several studies published by The Linacre Quarterly, official journal of the Catholic Medical Association, the divorces or separations can have disastrous consequences for children. They find themselves affected in terms of their academic success, their self-esteem and their social relations.

Apart from the problems that a separation may have on the child's behavior, it can also affect his relationship with his parents. The child lacks emotional stability when they are too busy managing their own problems. It may then develop psychological suffering that can lead to suicide.

According to one survey nearly one million children in Sweden, it has been shown that those who grew up with single parents were twice as likely to develop severe psychiatric disorders, to commit suicide attempts and to become addicted to the alcohol.

According to one rapport established by psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik, child suicides are too often underestimated. In an article published in the journal Psychologieshe explains that the young age of children is a big risk factor. Indeed, they are not aware of the consequences of their actions. They often act impulsively rather than deeply thinking, and unfortunately think their decision is reversible. According to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in France (Inserm), 37 children of 5 14 would have killed themselves in 2009. A second rapport issued in February 2018 by the National Suicide Observatory (ONS) confirms this idea and adds that the France would have one of the highest suicide rates in Europe behind Eastern Europe, Finland and Belgium.

Evelyn Nicole, the child who thought to do well

Suicide among children is a phenomenon that is not limited to any boundary. The story of Evelyn Nicole confirms it. This little girl, aged 10 barely years, kills herself on the day of the feast of the Kings in Aguascalientes, with the aim of making her mother "the happiest woman in the world". This Christian holiday allows Mexican citizens to exchange their last gifts before closing the Christmas festivities. On 6 January 2019, Nicole decides to offer what she thinks is an invaluable gift to her mom: her life. She then commits the irreparable and the emergency services find her dead by hanging.

Before killing herself, Nicole takes the time to write a heartbreaking letter to the Three Kings who are the object of the celebrations. She explains that she feels guilty about her father's departure, and that she no longer wants to be a burden and a source of sorrow for her mother who keeps telling her that her life would be better without her. Here is his heartbreaking letter:

"Dear Three Kings,

I just want to ask you that my mother is the happiest woman in the world when I'm gone, because I'm only a pain and a source of worry in her life since I was born, as I was why my father left our house.

I would like to ask my mom to stay calm, not to work, the best gift I can ask him is his happiness.

I hope that one day, in heaven, you will remember me mother and that you will take me in your arms.

I think the best gift is to leave because as you always told me, you would have liked that I was never born.

I love you so much, mom »

It is with tragic words that ends the letter of a little girl ready to do anything to give a smile back to her mother, even her life.

Rest in peace Nicole and find your place among the angels.

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