Ten tips from Google Assistant to use

The Google assistant is everywhere. Whether it's Android handsets or hundreds of smart home accessories, including Google Home, it's built into our workplaces and places of residence. But how to get the most out of Google Assistant? Here is our top 10 tips, tricks and tips for a better experience with Google Assistant.

# 1 Start with preferences

It's tempting to immerse yourself in a new technology, but it's helpful to watch and adjust the settings so you get the most out of your device from day one. [19659004] From the Google Home app, go to preferences and adjust voice of the assistant as you wish. Also make sure that you have defined your units of measure on local units to get the Celsius value rather than Fahrenheit.

It is also worth entering More settings so you can choose your default music source when you call "OK Google" or "Hey Google" and ask to play tunes.

If you have a device connected to or connected to Chromecast, make sure you set it up too, so you're ready to leave as soon as possible.

# 2 Make multiple users occur

If you share your home, add additional users with Voice Match so that Google Assistant is tailored to each person's preferences. Each user must access the Google Home app on their smartphone and add a voice recording so that Google Assistant can recognize each person.

The service supports up to six people, which is a horror in my seven-person household. .

# 3 Stay organized

Most days, I start things by analyzing my schedule and my to-do list. But if you say "Hey Google, hello," he'll analyze your schedule and tell you what's up before you open your eyes and take the pain of getting out of bed.
This requires that you use Google Calendar.

# 4 The Shazam Smasher

"Ok, Google, identify this song". It's simple and it works. Invoking this simple incantation will indicate the name of the song, the artist, and store the list chronologically so that you can create a play list laster.
It's simple and helps you discover new artists and songs that you might otherwise forget or forget.

# 5 Do not forget the eggs

Every week, I go shopping from a paper list that my wife and I have prepared when we run out of gear or plan our weekly meals. With Google Assistant, I can simply say "OK Google, add sausages, milk and yogurt to my shopping list".

Items are added to my list and I can view them by saying "Hey Google, view my shopping list. ".

# 6 Clean up your history

Google Home devices record your activity so you can see what you've been asked. You can view this history and delete all records from Google Home.

If you want to delete data from Google Home, instructions are available here . Go to the tab Your confidentiality and scroll to . How can I delete my search / location / history? ? . This will take you to the Google page > My activity .

# 7 Custom routines

You can create your own automated workflows that can be enabled by the Google Assistant. For example, If you have automated lighting, blinds or curtains, and TV, you can create a "Watch Movie" workflow that dims the lights. Closes the curtains and activates the home theater system so you can get into a movie without having to manually control or control each device separately.

To create a routine, open the wizard's settings and scroll to routines . Create a trigger phrase and add the commands to execute.

# 8 Smarter reminders

Sometimes I want to buy something from a specific place, but I forget what I want once I'm near this store. Google Assistant can use your location to remind you when you're near a specific location.

For example, if you want to try a specific item in a local restaurant menu, or if you need to buy a new book from your favorite bookstore, Google can remind you when you are near these places.

# 9 Selfer faster

You can manually activate the camera on your smartphone to take a photo by saying "OK, Google, take a selfie", which will allow Google Assistant to instantly open the camera application and launch an 3 - second countdown.

You have enough time to get out your arm and make a duck to share with the world.

# 10 currency and unit conversions

I spend a lot of time traveling and chatting with people around the world. Being able to do conversions quickly is a real time saver. Check the price of something you buy abroad or plan a trip gets a little easier.

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