Presidential election in Algeria: Bouteflika's proposals "only a decoy" for the opposition -

The promises of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a candidate for his own succession in the presidential election next April, to carry out reforms at all levels and to organize a national conference to reunite the country, are not for the candidates and parties of the opposition to a lure to accept the idea of ​​a fifth term.

"It's hard to believe in commitments that have not been fulfilled for four successive terms. He had twenty years to bring about reforms and he did nothing, "said a member of the political bureau of the Front for Justice and Development (FJD), the party of Abdallah Djaballah, for which the candidacy of the head of state is hardly a surprise.

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Djaballah therefore intends to continue his consultations with political parties and some independent candidates for the highest office, in order to agree on a single candidacy of the opposition, the only way in his view to avoid the dispersion of votes of opponents to a fifth term. The FJD believes that the presidential promise to organize a "national conference" that would bring together all the actors of the political scene and the civil society "is only a decoy to justify a fifth mandate".

"These reforms, he could have led them well before"

It is in the same frame of mind that the campaign management of the retired Major General Ali Ghediri addresses the commitments of candidate Bouteflika. "These reforms, it could have led them during his twenty years of rule, during which the financial conditions of the country were much more favorable than at present with the dramatic decline in the price of oil. But he did not do that, "he says.

Ali Ghediri categorically opposes the new revision of the Constitution proposed by the President of the Republic, recalling that twice, "in 2008 and 2016", the Basic Law has been amended "according to the interests only" of the last. Ali Ghediri remains determined to continue his plan to apply to the supreme office - despite pressure from the authorities he says he faces.

Ali Benflis to a vote boycott?

The candidacy of Bouteflika is also a non-event for the Socialist Forces Front (FFS). "We are still in the clan alternation," said a member of the ruling body of the party, for whom the presidential election does not allow fair competition. The FFS reiterates its proposal for a National Constituent Assembly, "the only way to achieve radical change".

Talaie El Hourriyet's official decision to vote will be made public at the end of this month, following the meeting of its central committee

First to react to the announcement of Bouteflika's candidacy, Talaie El Hourriyet, the party of the former head of government Ali Benflis think that the Algerians "are in the presence of a new diversion of the popular will and a violation of the Constitution, with a candidate unable to exercise the presidential office", adding that "the power has taken a irresponsible decision, likely to push the country further into a political, economic and social crisis that is eating away at it ".

The dominant tendency within this formation is favorable to the boycott of the poll, our sources suggest. The official decision will be made public at the end of this month, following the meeting of its central committee.

"Fraud has already begun"

as to Louisa Hanouneshe replies that the next election carries "serious dangers because the fraud has already begun". For the Secretary General of Workers Party, "This system must leave for the good of the country. The status quo is impossible and will inevitably lead to bloodshed. " She adds that she does not believe in "the supreme savior, someone who plays the role of Bonaparte". The country needs, it concludes, a clear program, developed "for the sole benefit of Algerians and not in the interest of an oligarchy that has corporalized the FLN, all the institutions of the country and even diplomacy" .

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Finally, the executive board of the Islamist Movement for Society for Peace (MSP) party argues that the political reforms contained in the candidacy letter of the President of the Republic "are only heated from those already proposed in 2011, in an attempt by President Bouteflika to barricade Algeria against the Arab Spring." The party ofAbderrazak Makri warns against "fraud and the use of state means", stating that "a sincere consensus implies the participation of all without exclusion".

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