People: The shop of the Elysee: this object overpriced that Macron put on sale

The Élysée shop: this expensive object that the Macron put on sale


February 8, 2019 23: 24 By Fabiosa

The Élysée shop ... A place to visit, whether you are a patriot or a tourist. This site offers a lot of things more or less useful: bags "President", tricolor souvenirs, sailors and watches.

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To expand the collection, here is the presidential couple decided to put in belly another object, dear to the heart of the head of state.

You probably know Nemo, the adorable griffon-labrador ofEmmanuel Macron which amuses the president and the staff of the Élysée.

Adopted from the SPA in 2017, Nemo is at the side of his master even during meetings.

No, it's not the dog that went on sale, but its stuffed copy.

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manufactured in Chateauroux by "Les Petites Maries", 1000 toys will be available for purchase on the official website of the shop. For now, only 300 has been delivered by the company. But that's not all.

It seems that sales will not be very successful, because the price of the stuffed Nemo is 99 euros! A price that is likely to be controversial among the French.

Besides, animal lovers can be happy, because by buying a stuffed animal, you make a donation to the SPA which will allow a feeding week for a dog. Do you think it's a nice action?

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